Day Retreats

Come in the morning, meet with Angela (arranged individually), spend day in nature to rest, experience unfolding life, reflect, walk, meditate, create, play.  Day retreats are customized for each participant’s individual desires, goals, and experience.  Included in a day retreat are a variety of activities of your choice:   conversation with Angela, polarity yoga (self-care energy exercises for renewal and health maintenance), reflection, coaching, a Raphaelite session, spiritual practices (“games to play with the universe”), and/or personal healing session.  If desired, Angela will help you chose what’s appropriate for your goals and experience.    A private retreat house with kitchen facilities is offered.  The retreatant brings food desired for the day.  Leave at a time of your choice at the end of your day at the retreat house and environs.  Call Angela to explore how a day retreat might look for you.