Personal Healing Sessions

Healing sessions are dynamic and different each time though they frequently involve: sharing, polarity yoga, inner visualization and process work, in addition to hands-on energy work, which may include Polarity Therapy, Healing Touch, Reiki, and the Raphaelite Work.  Gentle and safe, each is unique and an adventure that cannot be fully anticipated.  The general aim of a healing session is to support you in what you are birthing in your life, in reconnecting to the essence of your life, tuning your system to its natural tone and intelligence.  In the process people up their self-knowledge, self-care, and manage life in the juiciest of ways.

  • Initial session is approximately 3 hours
  • Subsequent session are about 2 hours


I have known Angela Whitney for approximately 20 years during which time she has been my Polarity Therapist, and she has come to be a friend.    I think  highly of her as a therapist, so much so that I recommended her to both my daughter, a teacher, and grand daughter, a student, who live in the Asheville area.  My daughter continues to see her on a regular basis, and grand daughter as needed.  Because I live in Clemson, SC which is about 100 miles from Asheville, I do not get there as often as my daughter does, but I do see Angela every few months.   I am a licensed massage therapist, certified Healing Touch Practitioner, certified Polarity Therapist myself, and a certified yoga teacher, and am familiar with a number of body-mind therapies.  I get massages and energy work every 2 weeks, teach 3 yoga classes a week and have my own practice, but I find that sessions with Angela bring me to a place  of peace and internal quiet that none of the other modalities do.  She is a healing presence, a person of rare intelligence and depth of understanding.

Occasionally I refer my clients to Angela, and each who has taken advantage of the opportunity has been pleased and made additional appointments with her, although it is a long drive from here.  I recommend her with absolutely no reservations.”

~Eleanore Richardson, Clemson, South Carolina


I always leave our sessions feeling like I’m in a bliss state, I can stop and appreciate each moment better, see things clearer, and I am more fully “in myself”, comprehending myself, and accepting myself than I was before.  I think what we do promotes my very authentic self to come out and play and be expressed in my every day life more and more.  I take our work home and try to apply the essence of it each day, as the month goes on, and I find that there is so much to work with.  What we cover together is really deep.  Since I have started working with you, I have felt that the energy that releases moves me deeply, and what builds from that new place is extremely positive and allows me to move forward more gracefully and with greater intention in my life.  Our work together has enabled me to make much better decisions in my life and to view my life with a much deeper sense of gratitude, joy and peace.  Our work is a precious gift that I look forward to each time!”  
~Jill B, BSN RN student


Angela Whitney provides deep enriching support for my mind, body and spirit. She helps me to develop and enrich my inner resource enabling me to live in my radiance as well as to qualitatively deal with everyday circumstances. She accepts all of my foibles and enhanced qualities without judgement and holds a space for my highest self to embody here on earth. She is a extremely special transformational artist.”
~AD, teacher


Angela provides an atmosphere of love, empathy, and safety. 
She is a superb listener, present and respectful of all that is shared with 
She is sincere and genuine and works with you in an intuitiveand sensitive way, where you are, with her heart, which is a Very Large heart. 
She is filled with love and a warmth and provides communication and understanding that are invaluable at a physical and emotional level. 
I cannot say enough about the support she has provided for me at a very difficult period in my life.”
~AOY, artist

 Angela is an amazing woman with the highest of integrity, professionalism, and care. She has made an amazing difference in my life and continues to do so. Of all the people in my life, Angela has made the most positive difference and impact. She has taught me and continues to teach me how to make my life more of what I want, how to squeeze the most juice out of my experiences! There are no words to explain the wonderful events and outcome of work.”
~GW, entrepreneur