Retreats are a time set aside periodically to allow time for rest, renewal, nurturance, recharge, new perspective, and “upgrading your system.”  The retreat center, Light of the Mountains, is a 104 acre pastured and wooded farm with sheep, dogs, chickens and peacocks in the Sandy Mush community northwest of Asheville.   Our experienced retreat guides, Synergy Alive practitioners Angela Whitney and Himayat Inayati, are skilled in supporting people in the retreat process.   The settings are beautiful supporting enhanced connection to self, nature and spirit.

A big step it was for me to take my first five-day retreat completely away from the world. I resisted the idea but was intrigued at the same time. Leaving my historical self behind for a few days, Angela guided me through reflections and exercises and quiet times that a helped me to blend mind, body, nature and Spirit.  The beautiful retreat home was a place of simple grandeur. The pasture, the creek, the mountains, the birds, the sheep, the dogs come together to create a scene of quiet inspiration. Every day of my retreats, I  have enjoyed watching the picture change – the early morning moving into noon into mid-afternoon and opening into the huge starry sky surrounded by the beautiful mountains. Retreats with Angela are long-lasting and life-changing.

~Crissy Maynard
Greenville, South Carolina 

Frequently asked questions

How long are the retreats?

They range from one to ten days depending on participant’s desire and retreat experience…

What do you do on a retreat?

Your retreat guide visits with you once or twice a day.  The retreatant can  share their experience from the day or life situations that are getting their attention.  The retreat guide is expert in offering gentle “next steps,” options in framing experiences,  spiritual practices or  “games to play with the universe” to optimize the life-changing learning  of the retreat experience.   Below are some of the things a retreatant does on retreat.

It’s a time for what you want…

  • Time out and time away…from everyday life, habits, concerns, and ways of being—
  • Time to just “be”
  • To rest, be with nature, reflect
  • Allow things to move on that are ready to go
  • Recharge their battery, walk, meditate, pray, sing, move, dance, do art, read.
  • Be present to the moment, nature, and one’s five bodies—the physical, emotional,  and mental bodies, our connectedness and  the spiritual body from which deep comfort, intuition, inspiration, and realizations come.
  • Let things go that are ready to go
  • Do spiritual practices
  • Share insights with retreat guide
  • Get renewed
  • Get  new perspective and inspiration
  • Allow time for stillness and inner guidance

 What if I’ve never done a retreat?

Retreats are custom designed for the retreatant and all support possible is given to get the most from the retreat experience.  Enjoying the “down time,” gifts of the moment, gentle reflection and just “being” are key in a retreat.  It’s often helpful to have had some personal healing sessions before taking retreat, but not required.   If a retreat has never been undertaken, a one to three day retreat is recommended, depending on other personal work a person has experienced.

What is the retreat place like?

There are  two retreat places at Light of the Mountains to choose from, each wonderful in its own way:

Deluxe retreat house  

General:  A Swiss chalet-looking house where many babies have been birthed (its original purpose)–with a mountain view and a talking creek by a sheep pasture

A good choice for the new retreatant

Accommodation description:  It’s a 2-level house with bedroom, full bath, and patio with picnic table downstairs, and upstairs a meditation/living/meeting area with 1/2 bath and full kitchen

Retreat cost includes accommodation, bed and bath linens, and meeting once or twice a day with your retreat guide

Food:  Retreatant brings simple foods desired.

Healing sessions and other personal growth and learning experiences with Angela can be arranged with the retreat reservation.  Please call Angela to talk about how a retreat might look for you.

Glade primitive retreat house

General:  Simple one room cabin in a glade in the woods

For the more experienced retreatant who wants a more secluded setting

Accommodation description: The retreat cabin is in a very private in undeveloped part of retreat center down a grassy lane surrounded by acres and acres of wooded land.   More rustic and simple than the “deluxe” retreat house, there’s electricity in the cabin and a 5 gallon water cistern for water needs, a camp stove and small refrigerator.  It’s a 5 minute walk to the bath house with full bathroom and hot running water, and there’s also a composting toilet by cabin at glade.  There’s a picnic table by the cabin under a canopy of trees.

Retreat cost includes accommodation, bed and bath linens,  and meeting with your retreat guide once or twice a day

Food:  Retreatant brings simple foods desired

Healing sessions and other personal growth and learning experiences can be arranged with retreat reservation.  Please call Angela to talk about how a retreat might look for you.