1-on-1 Sessions

Synergy Alive offers a variety of 1-on-1 experiences  ranging from personal healing sessions to sessions by phone, healing sessions in the countryside with reflection time afterwards, to “day” as well as overnight retreats.  Personal healing sessions, coaching, and Raphaelite sessions are described below.  Please see descriptions of day and overnight retreats in this 1 to 1 section of the website also.

Personal Healing Sessions

Healing sessions are dynamic and different each time. They frequently involve:   sharing, polarity yoga, inner visualization and process work, in addition to hands-on energy work (including Polarity Therapy, Healing Touch, Reiki, and the Raphaelite Work).  Gentle and safe, each session is unique and an adventure that cannot be fully anticipated.  The general aim of a healing session is to support the client in what is birthing in their every day life, in reconnecting to the essence of life, tuning to natural tone and body intelligence.  In the process people “up” self-knowledge, self-care, and manage life in more and more juicy ways–with more vitality, flow, insight, and mastery.

  • Initial session is approximately 3 hours
  • Subsequent session are about 2 hours

Angela Whitney provides deep enriching support for my mind, body and spirit. She helps me to develop and enrich my inner resource enabling me to live in my radiance as well as to qualitatively deal with everyday circumstances. She accepts all of my foibles and enhanced qualities without judgement and holds a space for my highest self to embody here on earth. She is a extremely special transformational artist.”
~AD, teacher

“I always leave our sessions feeling like I’m in a bliss state, I can stop and appreciate each moment better, see things clearer, and I am more fully “in myself”, comprehending myself, and accepting myself than I was before.  I think what we do promotes my very authentic self to come out and play and be expressed in my every day life more and more.  I take our work home and try to apply the essence of it each day, as the month goes on, and I find that there is so much to work with.  What we cover together is really deep.  Since I have started working with you, I have felt that the energy that releases moves me deeply, and what builds from that new place is extremely positive and allows me to move forward more gracefully and with greater intention in my life.  Our work together has enabled me to make much better decisions in my life and to view my life with a much deeper sense of gratitude, joy and peace.  Our work is a precious gift that I look forward to each time!
~Jill B, BSN RN student

“Stepping into Angela’s cottage the first time, I immediately sensed I had entered a loving, safe and nurturing space. Angela’s calm demeanor invited me to take a deep breath and relax. Her gentle questioning allowed me to explore health concerns in a new way and guided me to understand the relationship of the flow of energy and health. Experiencing Polarity Therapy from Angela’s sure hands is to feel energy flow, to feel alive, to feel in balance…to experience health and wholeness. She opened a door to a way of understanding health and healing that totally made sense to me and started me an the road to energetic healing.


Coaching Sessions

This coaching is for feeling juicy and moving forward.  Using her unique perspective and Intrinsic Coaching®, coaching sessions are empowering and unique to the individual and the moment.  They involve creative and insightful conversation, and experiencing “what you want” and what is “not merely apparent” in a grounded, yet freeing sense of the possible to embrace authentic unfolding life process.  These sessions are truly fine investment in yourself, doing your best thinking, and moving forward.

Sessions are one hour, and are effective by phone (Skype available) or in person.  Call Angela to talk about how these sessions would work for you.

I have referred multiple clients to Angela Whitney for coaching and witnessed life-transforming results.  I am a previous client of Angela’s and it changed my life for the better as well.  Though the coaching experience is unique to each individual, a common outcome is that it reconnects people to the core of who they are, empowering them to tap into their own resources during life’s challenges.  Ultimately this translates into improved global health.  Angela allows clients see their true value and potential because she has exceptional insight and ability to sense a person’s unique spirit. She has the gift of facilitating the articulation of feelings, thoughts, and ideas which results in the formation of a clearer vision of what the client is wanting.   What once seemed impossible is now possible. The power of a life recapturing its true essence and purpose is limitless.
Clients that I have referred to Angela have demonstrated self-discovery and more purposeful action, improvements in depression and anxiety symptoms, shifts in negative thinking, improvement in self-care, and the development of more healthy work and personal relationships.”
~CW, Pharm D


Raphaelite Work 1-on-1 Sessions

Our bodies have  innate intelligence  that always and authentically provide us information and guidance for navigating our situations.  The Raphaelite Work  taps into this innate intelligence  by using Presence to our physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts  to access knowledge about ourselves and our situations.  This process facilitates individuals gaining greater self-awareness and appreciation for themselves in a natural unfolding process where insight,  comfort, and renewal  build resilience.  Through the Raphaelite process,  simultaneously we receive nurturance, recharge, healing, and guidance.  These sessions are gentle,  promoting personal safety,  well-being and integration of  our various aspects.   The Raphaelite Work was founded by Himayat Inayati and blends insights from deep ecology,  Polarity Therapy,  human development, and universal ancient Sufi teachings.

These sessions range from one hour to an hour and a half in length, and are effective by phone, Skype, or face to face.  Call Angela to talk about how these sessions would work for you.

I cannot think of anyone I could recommend more highly than Angela as a Raphaelite Work Retreat guide. She has perhaps offered more Raphaelite healing sessions and more one-to-one sessions in private practice than anyone I know. As a guide, she brings the uniqueness of the light of her soul to the process of inquiry and presence.  She offers her retreatant an immense knowledge base, years of practice, and deep spiritual realization.”  ~Himayat Inayati