Classes with Himayat

Throughout the year, Himayat Inayati offers weekend workshops on universal topics supporting spiritual development and realization in Asheville.  Upcoming offerings:

  • Jan 3 & 4 Asheville, NC
  • January 16 -19 Lawrence, KS
  • January 25 – Feb 1 Retreat (Usama) at Light of the Mountains, outside of Asheville, NC
  • February 18 – 26 Retreat (Adel) at Light of the Mountains, outside of Asheville, NC
  • March 1 Start of On-Line Class
  • March 27 – 30 Ohio
  • April 23 – 27 Kansas City Raphaelite Work Training
  • May 10 – 18 South France Retreat
  • June 25 – July 6 Sufi Order Program, The Abode
  • September 24 – 28 Kansas City Raphaelite Work Training
  • October 27 – Nov 2 Germany Raphaelite Work Training

Call (828) 713-1832 for details

Classes with Angela

Polarity yoga

Hour-long classes about the human energy system and using energy exercises to energize,  tone and reset one’s energy body will be offered.   Polarity yoga helps us build health,  energize, and refresh ourselves.  It’s fun, easy and feels good.  Stay tuned as more info is available.

Being Body

Half-day class enjoying our bodies–understanding the body is an energy system–how it works and what makes it work even better. Physical body as well as emotional, mental, connective, and spiritual bodies as sources of information about the world to help us navigate through every day moments and life.  Movement and polarity yoga are basics in this experience.


A major tool for personal growth and spiritual development.  Individual and group experiences in meditation are available, customized to the individuals participating.  Contact Angela about your interest and questions.

Personal growth and community

A series of monthly 2 1/2 hour classes for life-long learners engaged in developing  their authentic selves and relationships with others.  The class aim is to support participants in birthing  the cutting edge in their lives while enhancing health building habits,  smart self-nurturance and care.  The focus is on individual  experience while fostering connections with others.   Check in for more info as available.

Transformational  series

Class members will participate in a melding of three types of growth experiences over  time to foster integral juiciness in individual and community life.  The experiences will be personal healing sessions, coaching, monthly personal growth groups, and personal retreat.  These foster individual and group dialogue enhancing well-being and personal competence.  A reduced cost for the series of experiences (compared to taking them individually) will be available with participation commitment.  Stay tuned for details when class is offered.

Polarity Therapy training for healthcare providers

ARegistered Polarity Educator, Angela Whitney is a  holistic nurse practitioner and has practiced Polarity for more than 15 years.  She has a keen interest in bringing an understanding of the world of energy to healthcare practitioners, allowing them to develop as integrative healthcare providers.  Periodically, she offers  Resonating with the Source, a Polarity Practitioner Training for Healthcare Professionals.  A 155 hour course includes Polarity Therapy principles and health building knowledge to promote the body’s natural intelligence and reconnection with the source of life, has been approved for nursing continuing education hours. To do this, the Polarity practitioner uses energy bodywork, energy exercises called polarity yoga, attitudes, and diet.   A tranformational as well as a professional training, the benefits of the course  are multi-leveled.  Participants who successfully complete the course are eligible to apply to the American Polarity Therapy Association to apply for Associate Polarity Practitioner designation.  At least six participants must be enrolled for a training.  Please contact Angela with your questions and for more information.

Polarity therapy offers an open, dynamic paradigm for healing that affects all levels of individual being, making it essentially deeply integrative of mind, body, spirit, and emotion. At its core it embodies spirit/source energy as the essential energetic movement/process. While there are many tools and practices, at every point polarity incorporates both the ‘client’ and the ‘healer’ within the intimate process of transformation and unfoldment.”
~KZ, Physician Assistant