Angela Whitney FNP…

About Angela… Mentor for “Juicy living”

Health is built through all our experiences. As well-being is a basis for health, Angela’s passion is offering opportunities to people to “up” the “juiciness” in their lives. With personal healing sessions, mentoring relationship and innovative coaching,  integrating Raphaelite Work with Presence and Inquiry, and reflective experiences, Angela offers opportunities for enhancing personal success by developing authenticity, “best thinking” and building individual capacity.  Insightful in witnessing a client’s own desires and unique qualities, key in her approach is optimism and a sense of play and adventure to re-pattern and reframe an unfolding perspective. This allows the “new” to come through so we can authentically move forward. Tailored for each individual, Angela’s aim is to offer opportunities to build foundation for human flourishing. Experiences with Angela help  integrate our various selves thru insight and personal care to support well-being and build resilience, a basis of vitality and health.

Angela is big on adventure and play.  Some see her as an artist who instigates transformation in herself and others.  She’s a Registered Polarity Practitioner as well as a practitioner of Reiki and Healing Touch.  An Intrinsic Coach®,  a retreat guide for twenty years, and a twice board-certified holistic nurse practitioner, Angela’s clinical experience spans more than 30 years in diverse fields from personal growth and well-being to integrative health modalities to addiction, oncology, and women’s issues.  She invites you to come adventure in juicy living.