Angela Whitney RN…

About Angela… Mentor for “Juicy living”

Health is built through our experiences. As well-being is a basis for health, Angela’s expertise is supporting people to “up” the “juiciness” in their lives. Using Polarity Therapy energy bodywork sessions with other modalities like Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Healing Touch and Reiki, Angela offers bodywork for relaxation, authenticity, and well-being. She includes Raphaelite Work using imagery, visualization, and presence with reflection for discovering fulfillment from inside ourselves.  Working with an individual’s desires and unique qualities, Angela works with a sense of play and adventure to re-pattern and balance energy fields, allowing a new perspective to easily and naturally unfold. This allows the “new” to come through to move forward more grounded, using one’s own compass. Tailored for each individual, Angela’s aim is to support flourishing. Energy bodywork integrates parts of ourselves like “inner yoga” or “spiritual acupuncture” to support well-being and build resilience, the basis of vitality, fulfillment, health, and fun.

SynergyAlive has been in Asheville since 1996. Angela‘s board-certified as a Polarity Therapist as well as a holistic nurse, integrating the right tool for the particular situation.  Angela’s clinical experience spans more than 30 years as a nurse practitioner and healing arts professional, always focussed on quality of life– from personal growth and well-being, to integrative health modalities, to addiction, oncology, Palliative Care, and women’s issues.   She’s a Registered Polarity Practitioner,.  she’s also non-denominational retreat guide for more than twenty years at Light of the Mountains Retreat Center, and an Intrinsic Coach®  big on adventure and play.  Some see her as an artist who instigates transformation in herself and others. She invites you to come adventure in juicy living to “taste the tea.”