Phone Sessions

Intrinsic Coaching® Sessions

This coaching is for feeling juicy and moving forward, and is available by phone and Skype.  Using her unique perspective and Intrinsic Coaching®, coaching sessions with Angela are empowering and unique to the individual and the moment.  They involve creative and insightful conversation, and experiencing “what you want” and what is “not merely apparent.” In a grounded, yet freeing sense of the possible, juicy life process unfolds.  Meaning and personal authenticity are enhanced.  These sessions are truly a fine investment in yourself, in learning how to do your “best thinking” and move forward.

Raphaelite Work Sessions

Angela also does Raphaelite Work sessions over the phone or Skype.  Through presence to physical sensations, emotional feelings, and thoughts our own system guides us to a place of new understanding and insight.  With presence, the everyday impressions of life get digested, and a sense of connection emerges.  It is through this connection that we can then access other parts of our knowing.

Angela facilitates this organic process so that it’s easy, gentle, and revealing things not previously understood by our everyday mind.   We find they’re easily available as “hot off the press” wisdom that comes from within us.  It’s hard to imagine this process without  experiencing the work.  Though the Raphaelite Work is not problem-oriented per se, often there’s a question we’re wondering about or “chewing” on.  By approaching the problem or question in the Raphaelite way we can arrive at surprising resolution and peace.  We can tap into our ability to tap into our wisdom to  realize next steps and answers that were not apparent in our every day thinking.   The experience of inner peace becomes a reality.  People apply things learned in Raphaelite sessions to other situations in their lives.   They deepen the benefit of being “body aware” and using their “bodies” (physical, emotional, mental, connectedness, insight) in navigating their world.

Phone coaching  and Raphaelite sessions are approximately one hour to one and a half hours in length.  Please give Angela a call to talk about how these sessions might work for you.

I have been working with Angela since 2004.  Our sessions have become invaluable since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006.  My work with Angela gives me the ability to deal with the challenges of life by providing renewed hope and clarity of mind and purpose.  After a session, I feel lighter and more connected with God.  I have a greater understanding of myself, my place in the world, and my relationship with others.

Angela creates a loving space for communication and growth.  I feel safe during our sessions and that allows me to share and explore my darkest feelings and fears.  I feel supported and nurtured.  Angela has an intuitive sense of what is happening during a session that fosters communication and growth.

I enjoy the accessibility of phone sessions.  I can connect with her from the comfort of my home.  After the session, I can process the session without interruption.  I am able to maintain the spiritual connection that was fostered.  This allows me to further explore issues that were revealed during the session and to continue to absorb its essence.

I have explored many forms of healing therapy throughout my life.  None have been as transformative as my sessions with Angela.  I heartily recommend them.”

~Cynthia Hemenway, Nurse Midwife
Gainesville, Florida