This coaching is for feeling juicy and moving forward.  Using her unique perspective and Intrinsic Coaching®, coaching sessions are empowering and unique to the individual and the moment.  They involve creative and insightful conversation, and experiencing “what you want” and what is “not merely apparent” in a grounded, yet freeing sense of the possible to embrace authentic unfolding life process.  These sessions are truly fine investment in yourself, doing your best thinking, and moving forward.

Sessions, great by phone (Skype available) or in person, are one hour in length.

I have referred multiple clients to Angela Whitney for coaching and witnessed life-transforming results.  I am a previous client of Angela’s and it changed my life for the better as well.  Though the coaching experience is unique to each individual, a common outcome is that it reconnects people to the core of who they are, empowering them to tap into their own resources during life’s challenges.  Ultimately this translates into improved global health.  Angela allows clients see their true value and potential because she has exceptional insight and ability to sense a person’s unique spirit. She has the gift of facilitating the articulation of feelings, thoughts, and ideas which results in the formation of a clearer vision of what the client is wanting.   What once seemed impossible is now possible. The power of a life recapturing its true essence and purpose is limitless.

Clients that I have referred to Angela have demonstrated self-discovery and more purposeful action, improvements in depression and anxiety symptoms, shifts in negative thinking, improvement in self-care, and the development of more healthy work and personal relationships.”
~CW, Pharm D

In all her actions, Angela exhibits values of Mercy, Excellence, Respect, Integrity, and Trust/Teamwork. She is thoughtful and sensitive in expressing her opinions and suggestions in council meetings. She openly praises her colleagues, recognizing their accomplishments and hard work. In meetings, she asks for clarification of plans and actions, when much discussion has yielded various ideas. 

She is known for her great support of her clients as as a health coach. In this role, she has worked with people who have diabetes, depression, weight or other chronic health challenges. She facilitates the client’s own best thinking to ensure the client’s actions are based on their own ideas, thus promoting success.”
~CO, RN at Mission Hospitals