What is “SynergyAlive” about…?

Why is our place called “SynergyAlive??”    Synergy is about working together. It’s about combined action and collaboration, about advantageous combinations and increased effectiveness when two or more work together.  When there’s a positive additive effect of combining personal effort, desire, energy in partnership with others, it makes our process and results more effective, meaningful and far-reaching.  The “new whole” produced is truly greater than the parts that went into it.

By intentionally participating in synergy, something is created that supports greater life in all parties involved.  It produces something new experienced as meaningful and empowering.  The living synergy that’s created through intentional partnering with someone dedicated to “what you want” brings more “juice” to what you do.  “Juice” is like a fuel, like gasoline, that gives power to move and “go.”  This creates a new “platform” to live from—and gives a boost toward our goals, and a fuller sense of life to all involved.  Life feeds life, and synergy becomes something that’s really living.

Time at  SynergyAlive combines synergistic  “adventures” like this with fresh re-framing and re-patterning of situations while tapping into wisdom available thru reconnecting with our bodies. Far from the everyday world of (frequently) tedious, mind-numbing, unimaginative ways of being,  SynergyAlive is a place where synergistic adventures promote resilience, juicy living, enhanced relationship with self and others, and optimizes possibilities in the world.  We’re then connected with what we want–and moves us forward out of old thinking and doing, into living from the power of the possible. Like a “leg up on the horse,” being in this living synergy supports an attitude of openness and vitality, puts zip in our step, and gives birth to new possibilities.  We learn how to work with ourselves to enjoy all the gifts we’re given every day, in every moment, ever more deeply—and that’s what we’ll talk about next time…  Meanwhile, here’s to enjoying the ride!