What’s “Juicy Living??”

What’s juicy living?  You’ll recognize it…  It’s our natural state when we are full of life–feeling light, free, and spacious.  It’s like biting into perfect fruit– succulent, sweet, flavorful, delightful, dripping with goodness, and irresistible–making us want more.  It’s what we want.  We enjoy ourselves when we’re juicy and have confidence that others enjoy us too.  In these times we’re full of eager anticipation, teeming life, and brimming possibilities.  We experience our world of magic and promise, curiosity, and lightheartedness.  Our senses are alive and active.   Awareness, perception, and intuition speak clearly to us.  We experience goodness in life and the flow of our own creativity.  Our connections with ourselves, others, and the world around us are full of meaning.

When we’re feeling… dusty from the road, flattened by lack of support, weighed down by self-doubt and perceived criticism, deflated, disconnected from meaning, hungry for something nourishing and sustaining, squashed by negativity, objectified and manipulated, discouraged, and alone—we don’t feel juicy.  Ugh!  You know the story–life can get heavy.  Most know these territories and what can happen on the road thru everyday life.  The good news is that we can learn juicy living–how to build resilience, to work with ourselves to knowledgably and creatively navigate the process of daily life and what comes up.  This isn’t taught in school–it’s life-long learning that helps us grow our skills to feel full of life, open, and spacious.  SynergyAlive offers resources for Juicy Living…through adventures in coaching, energy work, movement, perspectives that are freeing, reflection, meditation and retreat that cultivates and nourishes “juicy life.”  Tune in!